A little bit of me

I am currently writing my own story in the tech world, having the opportunity of being professionally trained as User Experience Designer at Laboratoria Chile.

Professionally I have successfully worked in Arts, production and advertising, standing out for my energy, professionalism and creativity. Passionate about human relationships, I aim to be part of a team where I could contribute with leadership, fellowship and quality work, in order to face big challenges together.

Organized and hard-worker woman with a vibrant personality, I love animals, sports and cooking for my beloved ones.

Know me better

I am here to help you in everything you need, building unique and unforgettable user experiences.

I aim to contribute with all the abilities and skills I have in order to create new ideas, knowing better each project's user and building up authentic projects. I approach to work in a colaborative way, always trying to give and receive quality feedbaack to keep on growing both as professionals and also as a team.

Each role that I have to play, I take it with lots of energy, involving myself deeply with the user, in order to find the way to make their lives easier and their experiences more pleasent, through ideas that become solutions.

My work

My commitment is to contribute with energy and hard work, so we can face big challenges as a team. Let's built up together the projects that you dream